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vary hard update on things!!!


It's B-I-G-T-O-N-Y!!!!!

Hows everyone doing out there in the world. I am kinda beat. I did not work no more then two nights so fare, and my ankle already is fucking hurting me. Swollen kinda bad, I am gonna make a schedule for my DR. this check. I also need to get my refill of my xan's. Man this feels great not drinking beer for two months. I feel lighter, just need to go back and work out. Watch what I eat. I am trying. I hope everything go's great for me the next two months. I wanna look, and feel good.

I love Duffy's. Van Halen rocks. City Ville is key,and fun.

Work is kind of a mess, and I lost Victor. Carlos is gone, and Yonah well no comment. Kevin is cool, but I am happy I don't got to babysit him. I got some news that the company is making this new type of study and test. Some kind of new training, and it could prob make or break my career, prob could even set me back a little bit. Was at Duffy's for lunch on wensday and I think people got my pegged wrong for someone who can't do things and understands things. My dad tells JC that I am all nerves and worried. and JC said he would " help " me. Hey I don't want everyone thinking I can't do anything for my self. I am about to punch Jon-david in the face for fucking with me on my spelling. I love him to death. I can say he's one of my best friends but he's too cocky at his new job as a parking coordinator, but he did deserve that role. I even told JC I hope to be higher up as well. Funny thing was he made a face like WTF? o well....lets see.

Good night all,
Big Tony.

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