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vary hard couple of months!!!!

Its me The B-I-G T-O-N-Y!!!!!!!!!
Just got some thoughts i share with live journal. I 1st of all wanna say I had a blast at the marlins game. I got on the TV and so did JonDavid lol...Well i thank JC for that gift. The angels lost :C sad face,HAHAHAHAHAHA.
I've been kinda tired as of late. Active at work,and been sleeping at night. I think I miss being normal,just relaxing at night,normal sleeping hours. Kinda enjoying my day offs. My feet still hurts though I am trying to rest them as much as possible.

Now work is going great, I got my new power in line. I am enjoying my new supervisor role. I am trying so hard to do a good job. I still get negative vibes from the lazy candy ass's, but you know what? that is A-OK, because I know for a fact that I will be some one in the future and not some bum who is 40 years old on my mom and dads couch. Fucking haters should not hate,those are the ones who hate always seem to get fucked,because I try to help them so we all can be good and get threw shit and get stuff done,but they don't care. FUCK 'EM I know whats the deal. No more MR. nice guy!

I need to serious drop my belly a lot more then I did so fare. I wanna look good for myself. I wanna be looking fly for Isaac's wedding, and I of course wanna look good so I can make everyone see me as I am. Don't get me wrong, I still love to pound beer and chicken wings but you know i got to call it quits for a mad while. I just started doing an hour of sweat dropping cardio and lifting mad wait. But now I am gonna lift lighter wait so I can get that cut,and not be so bulky. I think it sounds great. I also cut down on the eating and I started a better diet. Lets see what 2 months so for me as I attempt to drop from 244 LB'S TO 220 LB'S.
Wish me luck!!!!!!!!! OK that is all. Till the next day.


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