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wutz the deal ppl? long time no talk.no updates from the big tony.lol...well lets kick this episode of lj, " ayo dawg im tired..go home! " - joog :D man i got no sleep well like one or two hours last night.i came from work last night after 12 am,home by 12:30 ate dinner at 1 o clock,slept went to work at 4 am to do truck at 5:30 am stalled out cuz the truck driver is a fucking more-on.take care of photo lab did my toots and water,jouice,carts.went to lumch came back to get fducked over and cleaned a whole cooler shelf and took away the moldy shit.lol... any questions? welcome to walgreens.lol...well ronnie brown sucks but fuck it its all about peyton manning.i he miami beats the fucking piss shit out the fucking buccs.and if ricky wants to do sumthing right he will fuck ppl up like he did 3 seasons ago.i have sunday off again.but i do have great news i went back to the gym,and i got a nice lil packet from this home school.james maddason highschool.it sounds like a good choice,but we need more info about it.well im happy and i hope shit works out great for ppl.and ima start to make sum sacrafise's. :D

good night yall,
Big Tony!
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i as of now enrolled to james madason high school :D