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boooooooooker t

wuts going on out there ppl? you know today i've been in the biggest booker t mood for sum reason.im like right now updaten listen to his theme drinking sum day off beer i cheifed offf moogy williums.lol...well latly i've been good cant complain.drinking alot of water trying to watch what i eat and im working out lil more.today i went to the gym.and it looks like its really getting to be a full circle
new reconstructed gym.lol...its actrully got new machines and they are smoothe and work great ima go tomarrow again but this time with googy rothlesberger.lol...work is going good im slcking off at it but i get up's and downs.i think ima have talk wit my gm and keep reminding him that i wanna make management there.yes i wanna be a manageir sum where.rather it be for walgreens or what ever.i feel i got a good place in the workd of buisness. " i spit on the face of ppl who dont wanna be cool " im starting to kinda enjoy the wrestlers who i was not fond of for the past year such as triple h and angle and evan carlito.lol...me and my wrestling,but my dolphins are pissen me off i feel like right now they are not gonna get any better for a long while.they have n o ballance.i seen to feel that they need sum hudge improvement on defence and offence of line.cant expect the qb's to be the best but they should move sage to 2end cuz aj sucks big 91 dick.but cant put the blame in the game on him like i said befor we need a offence of line.cant wait for jbl to become champ again he better win the texas bull rope match vs. batista fagg nigger.man i luv chris beniot.i wanna play madden.i hope tomarrow sumthing good happends :D wheres billy when u need him.man im getting tossed let me quit whale im ahead.night night,,,

big tony
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